About us

The Professional Fire Fighters of Wisconsin represents 4,000 fire fighters in over 100 local communities

across the state and supports them holding up their mission of keeping you safe. We are proud to further our legacy of advocating for our communities to have enough fire fighters and EMS personnel on scene in a timely fashion to provide you with excellence in public safety.

Madison firefighter truck group
Lacrosse MDA group

When the fire fighters we represent aren't responding to emergencies, we work with the communities we serve by teaching the importance of fire safety, raising awareness to our charitable organizations such as the Professional Fire Fighters of Wisconsin Charitable Foundation and the Muscular Dystrophy Association (MDA), and effectively communicating with our elected officials so they understand the importance of our profession and provide our communities with the resources necessary to keep our neighborhoods safe.

The PFFW advocates for Wisconsin's fire fighters by sticking with the Three Cs: Communities, Coalitions, and Common Sense.

By cultivating friendship and fellowship among Wisconsin's fire fighters and advocating for the bravest among us who keep our neighborhoods safe, we stand up for our fire fighters every step of the way so they have the tools needed to keep our communities safe.

PFFW firefighters putting out residential fire