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 2018 IAFF Memorial Ceremonies:
A Time for Reflection,
Jason Roberts, PFFWHG Secretary
In mid-September over 1,200 Honor Guard personnel (including 400 pipers and drummers) from across the United States and Canada gathered to remember 271 of our fallen IAFF brothers and sisters. Several of our own PFFW members (families of the fallen, Honor Guard, Pipes and Drums, and Bikers) participated in the ceremonies in Colorado Springs, Colorado.
The events allowed for somber reflection and remembrance and continued support and services for the fallen family members. The setting included beautiful views overlooking Pikes Peak, warm weather, and joint training and camaraderie among our brothers and sisters. The constant message of “For the Families” carried out through the week and was reflected through the commitment, dedication, service, leadership and professionalism that was displayed. Colorado Springs Fire Department, IAFF Local 5 and the City of Colorado Springs, once again were remarkable hosts.
This humbling experience is one that I encourage all members of the PFFW to participate in during their career. No words can express the meaning of the memorial grounds or the ceremony that takes place. However, all members who visit the site will have a growing level of appreciation for the mission.
  Watertown Hero’s Café Supports Those Who Serve Country, Community
On November 13, 2018 your PFFW Honor Guard had the privilege to participate in the opening ceremonies for Hero’s Café. This was the grand opening for the location at Elk’s Lodge in Watertown (117 N. 1st Street). The Café provides a place for all branches
of the military service members and fellow first responders (Police, Fire, EMS) to gather, share and exchange resources to support each other. There will be a growing number of resources (programs, services, benefits) on hand for all fields. These gatherings will occur the second Tuesday of every month from 8 – 10 a.m. This café was organized by the Lodge Chaplain Misti Hawn. This is similar to others around the state and was based on the Wisconsin Rapids program.
Festival Foods has been a big sponsor of these gatherings in other areas of the state. Their program is called American Heroes Café. Check Facebook with the keywords to find meeting location, dates and times.
Please take advantage of this opportunity and spread the word to others who may be looking for a way to
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