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Eric Salzwedel
Active Summer and Fall Lead Us Into a Busy New Year
Where has 2018 gone?
It has been a whirlwind of a year for me since joining the Professional
Fire Fighters of Wisconsin Charitable Foundation (PFFWCF) in April. Experiencing the work we do makes a difference for so many. I’ve enjoyed the challenge getting acquainted with the impactful programming of the PFFWCF while getting to know our supporters and attending events. It has been one amazing summer and fall! I am looking forward to working to create a fire safe and burn free Wisconsin in 2019.
A special thank you to the individuals, sponsors, and volunteers who have made all the programming and events this summer and fall a great success.
I have spent the last several months learning our programs, working with our extraordinary committees and finding opportunities to make an impact in the lives of the people we serve. As the weather is getting colder, here is a brief overview of the exciting programming we’ve been working on to keeping us warm.
26 December 2018 -
Burn Survivor Programs Help and Heal Children, Young Adults
This year we had 50 children at our Summer Camp for Burn Injured Youth in August. We are working closely with Burn Centers in Wisconsin to raise awareness of this program to their patients and their families. We want to ensure they know about this camp and how it has positively affected the lives of burn survivors between 7-17 years of age.
2019 will be a milestone year of our Summer Camp for Burn Injured Youth
as we celebrate our 25th year of camp. This FREE camp for burn survivors is
a continuation of the care program for children with life altering burn injuries that promotes healing and life beyond their injuries. If you know a family and a child who would benefit from coming to our camp, please let us know.
Said Sam P., a camp graduate and current camp staffer, “Burn Camp is a life changing opportunity for burn survivors. During camp I learned that I am not a victim of my circumstances, but that I am a victor.”
Every February we host an annual Winter Leadership Retreat for Young Adult Burn Survivors. The retreat is held in Wisconsin Dells and hosts up to 30 young adult burn survivors ages 17-25. Each year
the focus of this three-day weekend is to provide young adults with tools and skills to create their best lives and to prepare them to be leaders in their communities.
The World Burn Congress (WBC) is the world’s largest gathering of the burn community, connecting attendees with support, resources and each other. For many, it is the first chance to connect with others on the journey of recovery from a burn injury. This year WBC was held September 12 - 15 in Grand Rapids, Michigan. We were able to send 14
delegates of our burn survivors to attend this important event.
Every year we send a camp counselor and camper to the International Association of Fire Fighters (IAFF) Burn Camp. This camp brings teen burn survivors and camp staff from Burn Camps across the country and Canada together or an amazing week.
Every other year the (IABC) International Association of Burn Camps brings together camp directors and staff to learn, discuss new ideas and hear from other camps from around the United States and Canada. This event allows camp staff to bring new and exciting ideas to camp and find ways to always make camp the best place to go. The IABC 2018 was held in October in Maryland. Myself along with Camp Director Melissa Kersten and camp staff, Tanya Bolchen and Emily Longwell- Grice attended.
Special Section Delivers Key Safety Messages; Smoke Alarms Warn Before Harm
For 21 years the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel has been a partner on this award-winning program that saves lives through education. The fun and engaging content within this newspaper teaches students about fire prevention, gas and electrical safety, and risk reduction in
their homes. This year over 315,000 print copies were part of every Gannett Sunday Paper in Wisconsin at the start of Fire Prevention Week. Free print copies were also sent to schools who ordered them through us. We also made the program available digitally and sent copies to every 4th - 8th grade student in about 2,200 schools.
Our 28th Annual Fire Safety Recognition Luncheon recognized the individuals,

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