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Dave (MR. BOZ) Bosanko
With Another Winter Season Upon Us,
What is the Reason? A Budding Poet’s Lament
                            Well Brothers and Sisters, we have finally got an unusual early light snowfall and chill, and I ask myself ... why do I stay here for the winter?
My career is done,
I’ve enjoyed its fun;
why am I not sitting where there’s lot of sun?
But then you look around and see nearby family and friends and know we will spend quality time with ‘til the ‘buds bloom again. We will do Florida in March and get copper-toned for a few weeks.
And, are there enough political and routine meetings to attend? We do what we can to assist your PFFW officers and executive
board on issues to comprehend.
I must commend any and all who assisted in the election of many new reps around the state, especially in the Governor’s and District Attorney’s race.
I attended a ceremony recently in Oak Creek for a seven-year- old cancer survivor, Jaeden Gain (son of Dan Gain Racine L-321). He is doing very well on the mend. Thanks to the Oak Creek Crew of Steve Wilding for stopping in with some goodies and cheer ... his smile in the photo said it clear.
Christmas is quickly approaching. On behalf of the members and officers of the Retired Professional Firefighters of Wisconsin (RPFFW), a wish to each and everyone of you and your family,
a safe and Merry Christmas and a New Year filled with hospitality.
Also, my thanks to the PFFW leadership and its members
for continuing to acknowledge and support our cause and friendship ... stay safe and healthy, Brothers and Sisters, in one another’s protection. We’re here if needed. f
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