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QuickBooks® Online Solutions:
Is There a Cloud in Your Future?
 In today’s digital age, businesses are moving their accounting software to
the cloud. In fact, QuickBooks® Online Solutions has over two million customers and counting.
There are two main reasons behind this movement: First, is the ability to more readily secure data through automatic backups to the cloud. With information stored in the cloud, organizations no longer have to remember to back up their programs or rely on their IT departments to back up the accounting software. Second, is that data is always accessible from anywhere at any time. Since information is securely stored in the cloud, organizations can access it with any browser using a PC or a Mac.
There are other key benefits as well:
Better collaboration between organizations and their accountants. No more having
to send backup files or accountant’s
copy files. With QuickBooks® Online
cloud services, your accountant can,
with your permission, login to your books to prepare for your meetings. The easily shared information better supports your accountant’s efforts to provide more timely and accurate advice.
Direct integration with your bank and credit cards. Bank feeds allow for rules to speed up or in some cases eliminate the data entry process.
Simultaneous access from multiple locations. Since information is cloud- based, remote workers or employees in different offices can work on the same files at the same time.
Automatic software updates. With software in the cloud, updates occur automatically and more frequently rather than waiting for an annual update to add
new features to the program.
Should you transition your accounting
to the cloud? The best way to determine an answer is by having a QuickBooks® ProAdvisor review your current desktop files and explore the ways you currently use QuickBooks®. If the answer is yes, you can create further resource-saving and timesaving features by integrating a number of apps that communicate with QuickBooks® Online. Any of them can make running a business even easier than you can imagine.
Contact me and discover how Wipfli’s can help automate your business processes
to give you more time to work on your business – or more free time to spend with your family. f
 TINA SHAFFER Manager, Relationship, Accounting Services, Wipfli LLP,
                                      22 December 2018 -

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