2020 Bosanko Bros. for Charity Packer Party – CANCELED

2020 Bosanko Bros. for Charity

Packer Party

To ALL Our Loyal Friends and Fans, after  watching the Virus Issue Grow and seeing Many Other Cancellations for Events, We have decided…As Hard as it was..To CANCEL Our Bosanko Bros. for Charity Packer Party for 2020 @ Kelly’s Bleacher’s in WindLake.

I would Personally like to Say ‘thanks’ to Kelly and His Staff for All  They have done for Us and He understands Our Decision, it is Our Hope that  Our Fans will still stop in and enjoy some Food and [email protected] any of his Fine Establishments. To All who have worked with Us and Supported Our event, Thanks, and to Mike Wos,Director at the Firefighters Charities, You have worked hard with Us… Hopefully  You will get some donations from Our Party-goers…If the virus is  under control in  2021, You can expect the ‘Dancing Apron’ and All the other Stars to Re-appear. Any Questions or Comments. Please feel free to contact Me…Mr. Boz’ 262-902-6000